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Jual Beli Telepon Byru Marine FR-190M free Kartu Byru Pulsa 100rb Baru | Jual Beli Handphone Smartphone Terbaru Murah
Jual beli Telepon Byru Marine FR-190M free Kartu Byru Pulsa 100rb di Lapak GPS Satellite Center - terryalessandro. Menjual HP & Smartphone - Teleppon satelit Byru marine FR-190M Cocok digunakan untuk kapal nelayan / kapal laut diperairan indonesia Tarif pulsa lbh murah & hemat. Komunikasi jadi lebih lancar. Free kartu perdana Inmarsat & pulsa $100 Masa aktif 6 bulan Free telepon rumah panasonic Telepon bisa digunakan di darat maupun di laut, dengan menggunakan jaringan satellite inmarsat. Untuk perangkat telepon satelit Pasti saat ini layanan dari PSN sdh tidak tersedia, oleh karena itu kartu perdana di ganti dengan kartu Inmarsat, free pulsa 100 dollar. Isi Paket pembelian : - Mainbox FR-190GM - Adaptor DC (Accu) - Antenna mangkok, Kabel, Braked - Telepon rumah panasonic - Kartu perdana Inmarsat & pulsa $100 (masa aktif 6 bulan) Specification: Opportunity to communicate can now be enjoyed by everyone. By using SURE, telecommunication barriers that formerly were a major barrier can easily be overcome. Now even though you are on top of the mountain, in the middle of a forest or even on a desert island. You can still have a phone and communicates with you wherever you want. SPECIFICATION: Ease SURE Without Blankspot As long as you still are in our coverage area, then you can phone anywhere, too. Bring Direct Pay No application required a phone plug, live pay-phone device and MUST be brought home immediately. Direct Connect Kring Installation of the device MUST so easy that you can do it yourself and directly connected instantly. Prepay Scheme No registration is required and cost of connection and telephone expenses can be adjusted at will. Free Communication With SURE you are free to communicate to contact and be contacted by phone from another carrier. Fixed Phone GM Marine BYRU FR190 provides communications solutions with capabilities in the Sea Area coverage ( Coverage Area) Asia-Pacific region. GM Marine BYRU FR 190 is designed for users of Telecommunications at sea with waterproff antenna design provides resistance to sea water conditions BYRU Marine Type FR190 GM is more widely used by the Company which is engaged in Shipping, Marine BYRU FR 190 GM become an alternative communication solution that can be used in the waters to see Indonesia as an archipelago which is very broad waters. GM Marine BYRU FR190 is equipped with modern facilities so that users can transmit data via the Internet atanra ( speed 2.4 kbps) . Download Brochure price: call Fixed User Terminal Features: 1. Interactive LCD showing network features and terminal controls 2. Small and lightweight 3. DC / DC adapter powered or Battery powered terminal 4. Include Data Modem ( 2.4 kbps) Network-Aces Main Unit Dimension - 60 x 150 x 210 mm Weight - 400 g approx Frequency - L-Band Voltage - VDC Current - 1A ( max.) Temperature 0 C / + 50 C Humidity - non condensing SIM Card Size - ISO / Credit Card Size Phone Interface - DB 9 Dialing - DTMF Width Beam Antenna - 70
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