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Jual Beli DiMarzio DP155 Tone Zone- DP193 Air Norton USA Zebra di Malang Baru | Gitar Baru / Bekas Berbagai Merk
Jual beli DiMarzio DP155 Tone Zone- DP193 Air Norton USA Zebra di Malang di Lapak andrekoleksi - andrekoleksi. Menjual Gitar - WAJIB DIBACA!!! *TANYAKAN DULU SEBELUM MEMBELI VIA MESSAGE BUKALAPAK!!!-TERKADANG SUDAH LAKU SECARA OFFLINE,SECEPATNYA AKAN SAYA BALAS (Online 24 Jam) *CARA ORDER- VIA SYSTEM BUKALAPAK,AMAN,MUDAH & TERPERCAYA!! MONGGO SILAHKAN.. *ANDREKOLEKSI JUAL-BELI ALAT MUSIK BARU DAN BEKAS KOTA MALANG,ONLINE-OFFLINE SHOP "SINCE The Tone Zone DP155 Specs: Wiring: 4 Conductor Magnet: Alnico 5 Output mV: 375 DC Resistance: 17.31 Kohm Year of Introduction: 1991 Patent: Have you ever heard a bridge pickup that made a guitar sound like a giant mosquito attack? If youve run into this problem, The Tone Zone is the solution. The Tone Zone is hot enough to qualify as a high-output pickup, but it has a wider dynamic range hard picking will produce a lot of power, and softer picking will be much cleaner and quieter. Its got tremendous bass and low-mid response to reinforce the bottom end and make the overall sound bigger. The highest single notes have depth, and chords sound huge. Patented dual-resonance coils reproduce more overtones than youd expect from such a fat-sounding pickup. It makes a great match with an Air Norton, PAF Joe, or PAF Pro, and split-coil mode produces an excellent single-coil sound as well. Air Norton DP193 Specs: Wiring: 4 Conductor Magnet: Alnico 5 Output mV: 270 DC Resistance: 12.58 Kohm Year of Introduction: 1995 Patent: The Air Norton started out simply to be the Airbucker version of the Norton. We thought it would make a distinctive-sounding bridge pickup with high-gain amps, but we soon discovered that its a radically neat neck pickup, too. The tone is deep and warm, but not muddy. Its hot, but not distorted. Its even got cool harmonics, which are really unusual for a neck humbucker. The patented Air Norton magnetic structure reduces string-pull, so sustain is improved; and pick attack and dynamics are tremendously controllable and expressive. Combine the Air Norton with an Air Zone, The Tone Zone or Steves Special in the bridge position for a perfect blend of power and tone, or use an Air Norton in the bridge position with an Air Classic Bridge model in the neck position for a distinctive medium-output blues-rock sound.
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