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Jual Beli 13A 250V Fuse Ceramic 25 mm Baru | Barang Alat Elektronik lain
Jual beli 13A 250V Fuse Ceramic 25 mm di Lapak Simba Store - alleq2. Menjual Lain-lain - 10A 250V Fuse Ceramic 25 mm\nProduct Description\nProduct Description:\nGeneral purpose cartridge fuse-links of current ratings not exceeding 13A for domestic and similar\npurpose (primarily for use in plugs complying with the requirements of BS1363) on declared supply\nvoltages not exceeding 240V at a nominal frequency of 50Hz or 60Hz.\nDimensions: 6.3mm X 25.4mm\n> biasanya di pakai di stop kontak 3 pin / stop kontak AC\nSTOCK OK
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