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Jual Beli VAPPOWER VAP POWER 26650 5000MAH batre baterai vape Baru | Jual Beli Barang Alat Elektronik lain
Jual beli VAPPOWER VAP POWER 26650 5000MAH batre baterai vape di Lapak Lenov Store - jokesion48. Menjual Lain-lain - Vappower 26650 5000mAh high drain li-ion battery with 35amps continuous discharge rate, suitable for most electronic devices that requires high performance Specifications 1 Nominal Voltage 3.7V 2 Capacity 5000mAh Nominal 4900mAh Minimum 3 Internal Impedance (1kHz AC typical, m) 20m max. 4 Recommended Standard Charge Method CCCV, 1A, 4.20.05V, 50mA cut-off 5 Recommended Fast Charge Method to 80OC CCCV, 5A, 4.20.05V, 100mA cut-off 6 Maximum Continuous Discharge 35A 7 Maximum Pulse Discharge (10 seconds) 60A 8 Cell weight 93.51g 9 Cell dimension Height : 66.50.5mm Diameter : 26.250.2mm 10 Charge temperature -10~45 11 Storage temperature -20~60C 12 Operating Temperature -20~55C
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