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Jual beli Yinhe Vf Z7 Volcano Fiber Basalt Fibre Blade Kayu Z7 Murah Meriah di Lapak shaka - shaka496. Menjual Olahraga Lainnya - PROMO Yinhe VF Z Volcno Fir Bslt Fibre Blde Kyu Z Murh Merih hndle yg tersedi : FL. ketik memesn. infokn mu hndle p. __________________________________________________ review : < trget="_blnk" : < trget="_blnk" : < trget="_blnk" t=...</> Speed : 10 Control : 9 Thickness : 6.0 mm Weight : gr Type : Quick Attck / Loop Volcnic fir : when volcnic eruption ejected volcnic lv rock minerls formed condenste. BLX rock fir technology is volcnic rock cn turned into fine firs of technology. the rock firs. such s strong s iron -like nd nno crbon blck mixed weving. but they re much lighter in weight of reinforced steel frme . more plible to reinforced steel frme . From the point of view volcnic fetures. itself hs het resistnt. stiff. strong stbility chrcteristics. which for the plyers concerned. it is high-qulity rcket need ll the dvntges. Fibrosis hs severl dvntges more volcnic. its strength tween the glss firs nd crbon firs. more rigid thn firglss. crbon fir softer thn mny. Volcnic fir hs long en militry products. the erly 1st century to civil in bdminton rckets. Becuse volcnic rock firs hve excellent soft elstic energy. Glctic s ttempt to use the tble tennis bord. fter numerous experiments nd efforts successful experiment. with soft elstic energy of the Zi volcnic series ws born. Zi volcnic ( Model : Z VF) : lyers ( three lyers of wood two volcnic rock firs ). cypress surfce. volcnic force mteril. AYOUS lrge core. Thickness .8mm. Zi Volcnic ( Model : Z VF) : lyer ( lyer volcnic wood fir ). cypress surfce. volcnic force mteril. the core mteril for the three AYOUS wood. Thickness 6.0mm.
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